Linda Downing
I was given a 55 minutes message and I really enjoyed my message in this place. I felt so refreshed and relaxed. The message therapist was super nice and did a good job 👍.
Chris W
Fantastic massage! I had the very best massage of my entire life (and I am a massage junkee) . I swear she's massaged every toxin out of my sore neck and upper back from being tense all the time at work. I will definitely be back for another soon!
Ronni S
I had a 90 minute massage last Thursday for my birthday and a week later I feel so relieved from all the tension. I truly have been feeling more relaxed since last week. I would recommend trying her out if you work at a desk all day long and have tension in your neck & shoulder blades and lower back. I need to start treating myself to these stress relieving massages more often!
John B
My body was hurting and I'm from out of town, so I tried my luck with this place. I've had many, many massages, and this was one of the very best I've ever had, bar none. I was a teeny bit hesitant about the location, but it turned out to be quite nice. Don't hesitate, it's extremely good! If I lived here this would be my go to place!
Greg R
Really great! The massage therapist listened to where I was hitting and do used on those areas. It's been several weeks now without a sore back. Can't afford to go often but will definitely return.
Michael J
Nice place with pretty good privacy, hand skills are amazing professional. definitely I will come back again. And by the way, she is hot.
Ava Zhang
Nice place to go, so clean and quite,really enjoy the massage spa